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Tips For Styling Medium Length Natural African Hair

Question: Found your site while looking for different ways to style medium length african hair naturally. Do you have any recommendations for safe styling for this length? Mine is about mid back length when stretched. Thanks in advance.

Answer: To maintain natural medium length afro textured hair, my recommendations regardless of the style you choose are: 

1. Keep your hair soft by using gentle, natural hair care products (shampoos, hair oils, conditioners). Avoid mineral oil, petrolatum, and sulfates in your hair care products because they lead to hair dryness which can cause hair breakage. 

2. Avoid styles that pull on your hairline. Tight braids, weaves, extensions, etc. if done frequently enough cause traction alopecia. 

One method of maintaining natural afro hair is by defining the curls with hair gel and two strand twists. You can vary the styles daily (if you have the time) or leave a style in for a week at a time. It is an all natural method of hair care that can look very beautiful if done properly. For more information about this method read our article on how to define the curls in natural hair.

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