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Black Hair Growth

Grow Healthy Black, African American, and Afro-Caribbean Hair

How Long To Grow Hair Using Your Book and Products?

Question: How long does it take using your hair care products and 12 steps for growing black hair to grow my hair right above my stomach? 

Answer: I would like to be able to give you an answer such as "It takes *** weeks to grow your hair using my products and book to right about your stomach" but that wouldn't be truthful. How long it will take to grow your hair to where you want it to be depends on several things including: how long your hair is now - is it short, medium length or long? the condition of your hair today. what you are doing to your hair (the other products you use, the tools you use, the hair dressers you go to if any, etc.) 

Our products and book can help you achieve longer, healthier hair, but because there are so many factors out of our control we can't promise you a specific timeframe. Under normal circumstances healthy hair grows about 1/4" to 1/2" per month. 

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