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Pamper Your Hair With A Pre-Wash Hair Oil Treatment

If your hair is suffering from excessive dryness, consider a pre-wash hair oil treatment. Hair oil aids in strengthening the hair by moisturizing and conditioning the cuticle. This prevents dryness and helps the hair to stay flexible. It also causes the hair to appear sleek and shiny, and helps it to be more manageable. To do a pre-wash hair oil treatment use either a natural hair pomade (made with natural oils) or natural hair oil, and apply a generous amount to your hair before you wash it. For the maximum benefit, leave the oils in your hair for about an hour. To help the oils penetrate your hair you can sit under a bonnet dryer on a low setting or put on a shower cap and let the heat from your head help the oils to penetrate your hair. When you are done wash your hair as usual.

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