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Black Hair Growth

Grow Healthy Black, African American, and Afro-Caribbean Hair

Keep a Hair Journal

One of the things that helped me the most in my journey to healthier hair was to take notes on what I was doing to my hair. I took some pictures, and notes that described what I was doing to my hair. When I made changes to my routine, or to my products, I would write that down too. By taking notes on my hair routines and methods, I was able to compare the state of my hair over time, and eliminate what was not working for me, and focus on only what was helping me. 


The book My Hair Journal is designed to help you take notes on what you are doing to your hair, and any changes you make, so you can see your progress. By taking notes on how you care for your hair, and on any changes that you make to your hair care routine, you can compare your hair’s growth and health over time, and make changes as you identify what does and does not work for your hair. This journal is intended as a way to help you keep progress of your hair growth and hair health. As you fill out this book you should see patterns develop that indicate what you can do to help your hair now and in the future.

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