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Black Hair Growth

Grow Healthy Black, African American, and Afro-Caribbean Hair

Welcome To Black Hair Growth

My name is O. Franklin. That is a photo of the back of my head above. I am African-American with dry/tightly coiled hair. Some call my hair type 4c. (It’s pressed in the picture).

After struggling with how to take care of my hair for several years, I learned some important lessons about black hair growth. Black hair grows just like all other hair. However, black hair, because of its structure, is more delicate than other types of hair.

The key to black hair growth is not a secret. The key to growing black hair is to stop breaking it off. When I finally realized this, and applied it to how I took care of my hair, I saw a difference in my hair growth.

I discuss my hair growth techniques in the book Twelve Steps For Growing Black Hair.

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